Tax Abatement Approved For Hoosier Custom Plastics

After tabling the matter twice, the Knox City Council this week finally signed documents stating that Hoosier Custom Plastics is in substantial compliance to the terms of their tax abatement.

Council Attorney David Matsey said they were hesitant to sign the forms because documents that were necessary to ensure they were in compliance had been sent to the wrong department – some documents went to the clerk-treasurer’s office that should have gone to the auditor’s department, and vice versa. However, the council ultimately agreed that the company is in compliance, and approved the forms.

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Statement Of Benefits for Hoosier Custom Plastics Tabled

Back Row: Greg Matt, Mayor Rick Chambers, Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston, Donald Kring, City Attorney David Matsey. Front Row: Linda Berndt, Jeff Berg and Ron Parker

A request to approve a statement of benefits for Hoosier Custom Plastics was tabled by the Knox City Council last week because no one from the company was on hand to answer questions.

The document the council was being asked to sign would confirm the company is in compliance with what was promised when the tax abatement was approved.

According to the figures submitted by Hoosier Custom Plastics, the company has between 31 and 33 full-time employees, with a total yearly salary of $707,000. At the time the tax abatement was approved, the owners promised 20 employees and $595,000 in salary. Both figures would prove the company is in compliance, but the council members wanted someone representing the plastics firm to appear to answer questions.

Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston said when he spoke to a representative of the company on the phone it was stated that they’re “busting at the seams,” and “running out of room,” which would indicate business is booming.

A request for a company representative to be in attendance is being made by Houston.

Spotlight on Hoosier Custom Plastics

WKVI will be introducing you to industry in the County and today, we turn the spotlight on Hoosier Custom Plastics on Hamilton Ave in the Knox Industrial Park.

Gordon Schenk is the Chief Financial Officer and Ted Hayes talked to him recently about the business that has been in operation since 2004. Schenk talked about the business, including products produced at the 17,000 sq. ft. plant.

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A Recap of the Top 10 Stories of 2010

Story #10

Tony Kerby Memorial at the Yellow River

Tony Kerby lost his life in the Yellow River attempting to save his younger brother’s life. The good looking boy went in the treacherous waters to save his 8-year-old brother Dominick when the youngster slipped off a rock. Dominick was saved when a person in the park pulled him to safety, but Tony could not swim to the banks.

Community members were so saddened by the death that a cross was put at the site to honor his efforts and his life. The memorial was created by Shelby Clemons of North Judson, his wife, Danielle, and Misty Baldridge of Knox.

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Top 10 Stories of 2010; Story #7

Sonny Newbauer, Plant Manager at Hoosier Custom Plastics, was struck by lightning in the business’ parking lot on Tuesday, August 3rd.

Gordon Shank, owner of Hoosier Custom Plastics, told WKVI that day that he had heard a clap of thunder at 7:45 a.m., looked outside the plant, and saw Sonny Newbauer on the ground after he was struck by lightning. Newbauer, of Knox, was given CPR by a fellow employee and while still unconscious, he was taken to Starke Memorial Hospital. The medical staff sedated Newbauer and he was flown to a Fort Wayne Hospital.

Newbauer is still recovering from the incident.