Legislation on Immunizations, Veteran Businesses Moves to House

Two pieces of legislation are heading to the House of Representatives for further consideration, including one bill that seeks to make immunizations more readily available.

Sponsored by State Sen. Ron Grooms, House Bill 1464 would allow pharmacists to administer more types of immunizations than currently allowed under state law. Grooms said the bill would make the immunizations more easily accessible and would make hours for pharmacies more convenient, offering a savings to patients because of the increased availability and supply.

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Indiana Works Councils Bill Passed by House

Jerry Gurrado
Jerry Gurrado
The House of Representatives recently passed a bill seeking to make it easier for high school students to find high-wage, high-demand jobs through career, vocational, and technical educational opportunities, but one area vocational director has his concerns about the bill.

Governor Mike Pence hailed the passage of the Indiana Works Councils Bill, which he said demonstrates the commitment of Hoosiers to make career and vocational education a priority in every high school. The bill integrates local and state resources by creating regional Indiana Works Councils with membership including representation from employers and educators.

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Charbonneau Discusses State Budget, Passed Through House

State Senator Ed Charbonneau
State Senator Ed Charbonneau
The state’s budget has passed through the state House of Representatives, and now it goes through the same process in the state Senate. Republican Senator Ed Charbonneau of Valparaiso told WKVI that while the state is in an enviable position with the sizeable surplus currently blessing its coffers, but he said there are still some very important issues that need to be addressed.

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House Republicans Release Agenda, “Own Your American Dream”

Speaker of the Indiana House of Representatives Brian C. Bosma, alongside a dozen of his House Republican colleagues, announced that House Republican Agenda this week. The agenda focuses on making Indiana stronger state for future generations on three key concepts: financial security for future generations, bridging the skills gap, and providing support to classroom teachers.

Bosma said every parent hopes for their children to be better off than their own generation, but for the first time in history, the majority of Americans believe that the next generation will not enjoy a quality of life better than their parents.

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Bauer Ousted As Indiana House Minority Leader

State Representative Nancy Dembowski

Patrick Bauer was voted out as the Indiana House Minority Leader in a caucus Thursday afternoon. State Representative Nancy Dembowski participated in the caucus and talked about the discussion.

“I was in attendance at the caucus and we met with the intent to discuss what type of leadership is needed to best serve our constituents, our districts and the State of Indiana in the future and as we move forward,” said Dembowski.

Linda Lawson was voted in as the Interim Leader by a majority vote. She will serve in the interim position until the General Election in November.

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Karen Salzer To Run For House of Representatives

Karen Salzer

Karen Salzer has announced her candidacy for the Indiana House of Representatives in District 20.

Salzer, a lifelong LaPorte resident, says she will focus her candidacy on protecting middle class families and working Hoosiers who have faced a series of attacks, including the recent passage of Right to Work.

Salzer added that incumbent State Representative Tom Dermody has repeatedly left middle class families behind and that his failed leadership allowed Republicans to spend the money from the sale of the toll road in only five years, leaving 70 years left for the tolls to increase and jeopardizing Indiana’s future.

House District 20 includes parts of LaPorte and Starke counties. It includes the communities of Knox, Hamlet, LaPorte, Walkerton, Union Mills and Rolling Prairie.

Township Trustee Bill to be Discussed in House Committee

A bill that could impact all counties in our listening area could come up for a committee vote on Friday.

Members of a House of Representatives could vote on a bill that would dramatically change the way government operates in each county. If the bill became law, county residents would have the option of retaining or eliminating townships. The responsibilities the township trustees now coordinate would be handed over to the county. Even if voters decided through an election to keep the trustee offices. the responsibility in some areas would be changed. For instance, cemetery maintenance and weed control would move to the county, as well as the funding for poor relief.

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