Protect Against Identity Theft With a Credit Freeze

Credit FreezeHoosiers can protect themselves from identity thieves by activating a credit freeze. Also known as a security freeze, it keeps new creditors from accessing your credit report without your permission. This will prevent an identity thief from opening a credit card or other account in your name, even if he or she has your Social Security number or other personal information. Continue reading

Seven Companies Face Lawsuits for Scamming Homeowners Out of More than $14,000

scamUnfortunately those struggling financially can be the most vulnerable to scams. The federal government as well as Indiana general attorney,Greg Zoeller, took action against schemers who have taken more than $14,000 from unsuspecting homeowners. On Thursday, Zoeller filed lawsuits against seven companies running fraudulent mortgage rescue or relief schemes.

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“Don’t Buy the Lie” About Human Trafficking

Hundreds of Hoosiers are victimized by one of the fastest-growing crimes in the world: human trafficking. According to Abby Kuzma, director of the Consumer Protection Division in the Indiana Attorney General’s office, it’s a major problem that happens when people are recruited to work or provide a variety of services, from housekeeping to sex, through the use of force, fraud or coercion. She said that in Indiana, 60 percent of trafficking cases involve sex, with victims as young as 12.

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Attorney General Warns Consumers About Disaster Scammers


Do your research before you give to any disaster relief organization in order to make sure your money is really going to the victims of last week’s deadly Oklahoma tornadoes. That’s the advice of Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller. The attorney general’s website,, has information under the “Charities and Donors” section to help donors find more information about charities and how they spend their money.

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