Don’t Let Valentine’s Day Spark End with Fire Department’s Arrival

Soft candlelight and a glowing fireplace can help set a romantic mood for a Valentine’s Day celebration, but it can quickly be dashed if the flames get out of hand and the fire department has to respond.

The U.S. Fire Administration says 84 percent of home heating fires are confined, such as those which occur in the fireplace or chimney. Indiana State Fire Marshal Jim Greeson says the fireplace should never be left unattended, and small children or pets need to be supervised around open flames. Continue reading

Stay Safe During the Holiday Season

Indiana-Department-of-Homeland-SecurityDon’t leave yourself vulnerable to the Grinch or other Christmas thieves by sharing too much information on social media about your holiday plans. That advice comes from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. Spokesman John Erickson says posting information about extended vacations could make you a target for burglars. He also cautions against telling strangers what you will be doing. Continue reading

State Fire Marshal Shares Tips for Home Heating Safety

Indiana-Department-of-Homeland-SecurityThe most wonderful time of the year can also be one of the most dangerous if proper precautions are not taken to safely heat homes as temperatures drop.

Indiana State Fire Marshal Jim Greeson says home fires occur more often in winter than in any other season, and alternative heating sources, such as space heaters, are involved in roughly one out of every six of those fires. Continue reading

Stay Safe When Winter Weather Hits


Significant amounts of snow are in the forecast. Officials with the Indiana Department of Homeland Security and Indiana State Police recommend avoiding unnecessary travel once the snow starts. If you do have to go out, make sure your cell phone is fully charged. Have a vehicle emergency kit, non-perishable food and bottles of water in your car. Top off your gas tank so you will have ample fuel to stay warm should you get stranded. Continue reading