April Unemployment Rates Tumble

Indiana Workforce DevelopmentStarke County’s April unemployment rate hits a seven-year low. The local jobless rate tumbled from 7-point-6 percent in March to 5-point-8 percent in April. That’s the lowest it’s been since November of 2007. All 92 counties saw drops in unemployment, according to figures released by the state. Continue reading

Unemployment Numbers Down in the State


Unemployment numbers went down in March, according to statistics released by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.

Over the past year, the state’s unemployment rate declined two percent which is the third largest decrease in the nation.

Starke County’s unemployment rate fell one point to 8.2 percent from February’s rate, while the state’s rate fell .2 percent to 5.9 percent.

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Indiana DWD Seeking Alternatives to Traditional GED Test

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development announced this week that it will be seeking a new high school equivalency credential exam as an alternative to the traditional GED test. The department is tasked with monitoring and issuing high school equivalency credentials and the Indiana Adult Education Program, and DWD officials and their counterparts from 40 other states and the District of Columbia have been taking part in national working groups to consider feasible options to the GED test.

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State to Offer Help to Former Whitley Workers

Whitley Products
Whitley Products

The state is mobilizing resources to help the 86 employees of a Marshall County plant that is set to close in the next few months. Plymouth-based Whitley Products filed a WARN notice with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development last week. It’s a legal step that requires companies with 100 or more employees to file a 60-day notice of any plant closing or mass layoff. A copy of the notice is shared with employees.

A spokesman for the Department of Workforce Development says it allows the state to mobilize a rapid response team to help transition affected workers into other employment. He says the state offers a variety of programs and encourages all employees to register with the local Work One office as soon as possible to get the process started.