State Health Officials Offer Tick Disease Prevention Tips

Hoosiers are urged to protect themselves against ticks when taking part in outdoor activities. The small, insect-like creatures are found in grassy, wooded areas throughout the state. Ticks tend to be most active during the late spring and early summer.

State health officials warn they can transmit a variety of diseases, including Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Last year more than 200 cases of tick-borne illness were reported in Indiana. Continue reading

Zika Virus Prompts Spring Break Travel Warning

zika virusSpring Break is the time of the year when people often head to warm, tropical places for vacation. But this year, pregnant women and their partners might want to rethink that, in light of health warnings about the Zika virus. It continues to spread in places like Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Dr. Jen Brown with the Indiana State Department of Health says although a state resident was diagnosed with Zika last month, she doesn’t expect a widespread outbreak here. Continue reading