Oregon-Davis Elementary to be Honored at Indiana Statehouse

Indiana Statehouse

The Indiana State Board of Education recently notified Oregon-Davis School Superintendent Dr. Steve Disney that the elementary school will be honored at the Indiana Statehouse today.

“They extended an invitation to me to bring our Elementary Principal, Mr. Bennett, and four of our elementary teachers to be recognized at the Indiana Statehouse on Thursday morning,” said Dr. Disney. “They’re recognizing the ten most improved schools in the State of Indiana and said that Oregon-Davis was 9th and that’s out of almost 900 schools.”

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Representative Dembowski Talks about Return to the Statehouse after Standoff

State Representative Nancy Dembowski

The Indiana Democrats are back in their seats this week after a walkout that began on February 21st. Both sides are claiming victory in the standoff. Republicans said the Democrats returned after hearing from Hoosiers that they were unhappy with their walkout.  Democrats said the Republicans were forced to make changes to bills because the public hadn’t understood Governor Daniels’ radical agenda until the slowdown.

17th District State Representative Nancy Dembowski was asked if she was happy the standoff was over.

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Senator Charbonneau: Democrats Return to the Statehouse Could Poison Atmosphere

State Senator Ed Charbonneau

Is this the week the minority Democrat House members come back to the Statehouse? At last report, the Democrats were still holding out in Urbana, Illinois waiting for concessions to demands on education and labor bills. The Democrats have not been in the Statehouse since February 21st.

Fifth District State Senator Ed Charbonneau (R-Valparaiso) said when the Democrats finally come back, he’s fearful the atmosphere will be so poisoned that congenial give-and-take will be impossible.

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