New North Judson Town Board Members Soon To Be Sworn In

The two new members to the North Judson Town Board will soon take their seats, as Judge Charles Hasnerl swears them in before the board’s regular meeting on Jan. 7. Josh Brown and Justin Davis will then assume their new responsibilities as the youngest members on the board.

The public question presented to voters in North Judson during the general election on Nov. 6, 2012 was approved by more than 78 percent. Only 129 voters said no to the question of whether or not the town board should be increased to five members, while 480 voters voted in favor of the change.

She said the board members used a scientific grid format to rate each candidate before deciding on these two well-qualified men, and said the council is excited to work with them. Henry said she’s excited to know that there are younger taxpayers and community members who are willing to serve and bring a fresh perspective to things.

Knox City Council Discusses Abolishing City Court

The Knox City Council recently discussed abolishing Knox City Court. Even though the court takes away almost $100,000 from the City’s General Fund, Mayor Rick Chambers says there’s no opportunity to abolish it until 2014.

“State statute states during 2006 and every fourth year after that, a second or third class town, or city may, by ordinance, establish or abolish a city or town court,” said Chambers. “So, we can’t just snap our fingers and say no more City Court next year. By state statute, every fourth year you have to do an ordinance.”

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Knox City Council Considers Discontinuing City Court

The Knox City Council is considering doing away with the Knox City Court. Following his annual report to the Council this week, Judge Charles Hasnerl ran into a barrage of questions by the Council and Mayor Rick Chambers when it was revealed that the court had run into the red.

Judge Hasnerl attempted to answer the Council member’s questions.

“The biggest problem is a shortfall,” said Judge Hasnerl. “We don’t have exact figures but if you just look at it in hard numbers, we’re looking at approximately a $40,000 difference between what the City Court budget is and what is actually going into the City’s General Fund.”

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Cock Fighting Attendees Handed Sentences in Knox City Court

Thirty-three cock fight enthusiasts were sentenced in Knox City Court Thursday. The men were charged with a misdemeanor count of Attending an Animal Fighting Contest. They attended a cock fight in Starke County in February.

Judge Charles Hasnerl fined the men $200 apiece, plus $180 in restitution to the Starke County Humane Society for putting the roosters down, and $164 in court costs.  Each individual was also given a 12 month suspended sentence.

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