Gray Beats Hoffer in Starke County Coroner’s Primary


A Starke County Sheriff’s Deputy won the Democratic Party Primary for coroner. Adam Gray got 60 percent of the votes to Dannie Hoffer Junior’s 40 percent. “I believe in dignity and respect for the deceased and compassion for the families,” Gray told WKVI news.  “I’ve got the support of the present coroner and the past coroners, and I want to carry on the legend of Kris Rannells and the wonderful job he’s done for the past eight years. I want everyone in Starke County to know I’m going to carry that tradition on.” Gray does not have an opponent in the November election.


Starke County Council Approves Salary, Car for New Paramedic EMS Director

Starke County Commissioner Kathy Norem brought the Starke County Council up to speed on the work of the Advanced Life Support Committee at the Council’s recent meeting. Norem said that the ALS Committee hopes to have a paramedic chase vehicle in operation by the first of the year. She reviewed the time line of codes that have to be approved by the State before they can start. One is that I.U. Health Starke Hospital will agree to be the sponsoring hospital.

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Consideration Given to Add Advanced Life Service to Starke County Ambulance Service

A meeting was held last week to consider adding Advanced Life Service to Starke County’s ambulance system. Currently, Starke County is one of only two in the state that does not offer Advanced Life Service to its citizens.

Held at the IU Health-Starke Hospital, the meeting was presided over by former hospital CEO, and current Commissioner Kathy Norem. Kris Rannells is Advanced Life Service certified, and today and tomorrow he will help provide information about this potentially life saving service, and what it will mean to our citizens.

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Starke County Republicans are Sworn into Office

Superior Court Judge Patrick Blankenship swears Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall into office

The Starke County Republican elected officials were sworn into office last night in the Starke County Circuit Courtroom. Superior Court Judge Patrick Blankenship swore in Judge Kim Hall. Judge Hall then swore in the rest of the candidates.

“It was a wonderful evening and a great opportunity to place these fine folks under oath to faithfully and impartially perform their duties,” said Judge Hall.

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Charlie Collins and Kris Rannells Give Starke County Commissioners First Responder Report

Charlie Collins (L) and Kris Rannells give the Frist Responders report to the Starke County Commissioners

The Starke County Commissioners heard a report on the First Responder Training from Charlie Collins and Kris Rannells. There are now 9 certified first responders since November 15th. All scored over 90% and are operating at this time.

Every fire department in the County now has at least one first responder. The protocols are written and have been approved, according to Rannells.

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