Turkey Struck by Vehicle in LaPorte County, Gets Stuck in Windshield

Photo provided by LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office

A family driving through LaPorte County ended up with a wild turkey stuck in the windshield of their rental vehicle Tuesday morning. Deputies with the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office believe a black GMC Yukon was heading westbound on U.S. 20 near Wilhelm Road when it hit a large tom turkey that was flying across the road. Continue reading

LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department Reports Additional Overdoses


The recent spike in heroin overdoses in LaPorte County has authorities there on high alert. LaPorte County EMS ambulance crews have responded to 18 overdoses in the past week. Of those, 15 involved heroin and three involved synthetic marijuana. EMS officials treated 11 of those patients with 17 doses of Narcan. They say six patients received multiple doses of the medication. Continue reading