Marshall County Crews Still Cleaning up after Last Week’s Storms


Crews continue to clean up after last week’s storms.

Marshall County Interim Highway Superintendent Jason Peters told the commissioners Monday morning that the highway department is continuing to remove debris from the area. One issue that he’s having is the theft of “road closed” signs. He learned of the thefts when the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department called him to ask to close a road so work could be done.

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Interim Highway Superintendent Submits 2015 Budget Considerations


Several department heads went before the Marshall County Council members this week to discuss some of the items for consideration in the 2015 budget.

Interim Highway Superintendent Jason Peters said that more staff would be ideal for the department.

“We’re minus eight people. That really hinders some of our operations especially come spring time when we could actually be out berming roads. When I first started in 2004 we were always able to go out and start berming in the spring. Right now we don’t have the personnel to be able to pull those people off – the guys that are patching roads as opposed to being able to go out and start berming. I would be inclined to ask for three more positions if possible – two more truck drivers and one more operator,” said Peters.

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