Morel Mushroom Hunting in Full Swing

morel mushroom

One of the popular springtime activities is morel mushroom hunting.

Indiana Conservation Officer Keith Wildeman said with all of the rain we’ve received, there should be a good crop of mushrooms.

“We’ve had a lot of rain here so that’s definitely going to help the mushroom production in the area,” said Wildeman. “I have reports from southern Indiana that folks are out finding a few mushrooms here and there.”

You need to follow the rules when out mushroom hunting.

“They do need to have permission to look for mushrooms on private property. A lot of folks think that it’s okay and that they’re only looking for mushrooms, but you do need to have permission before you enter private property. It’s just like hunting, fishing and trapping – you do need to have permission.”

The same courtesy should be extended to state properties.

“Please check with the property manager whether or not it’s allowed. Our local fish and wildlife areas do restrict the amount of time that you can go out mushroom hunting.”

Be mindful of possible flooded areas if you do decide to go out mushroom hunting this weekend.