Sobriety Checkpoints Planned in LaPorte County


To combat impaired driving, the LaPorte County DUI Task Force will be setting up sobriety checkpoints in the evening hours of Friday, Aug. 29.

These checkpoints will be conducted as part of the statewide Operation Pullover Blitz #80.

The location of these checkpoints are based upon the analysis of available accident data, impaired driving arrest data and officer safety. When you arrive at a checkpoint, you will be required to show the officer your driver’s license and vehicle registration. DUI Task Force members will evaluate drivers for signs of alcohol or drug impairment. If you do not exhibit signs of impairment or there is no other need to detain you further, your approximate delay will be two minutes or less.

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School Starts Tomorrow, Watch out for Students and Buses


Be on the lookout for kids walking or biking to school as school gets underway for another year for many area school corporations tomorrow.

School bus safety is important. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, buses are built to be safer than the average passenger car. School bus drivers are required to receive special security and medical training, and undergo regular drug and alcohol testing to provide a safe ride for your child.

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Summer Safety: Don’t Leave Children Unattended in a Vehicle

Baby on Board

Summer temperatures continue to soar, and although it may seem like common sense to never keep your child in a parked car, over the past 16 years more than 600 children have died of heatstroke due to being left unattended in a vehicle. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, on a 60 degree day, temperatures inside a car can reach well above 110 degrees quickly.
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