Property Owners May Qualify for Tax Exemptions

Property-tax-200x150Property owners may qualify for real estate tax exemptions based on their age, disability status and whether or not they are a military veteran. The exemptions lower the amount of taxes due. Mortgage-holders qualify for a deduction of $3,000 if they reside on their real property, including mobile homes. It can be combined with other exemptions. A second exemption that’s available to owners who reside on their real estate, including mobile homes, is the homestead credit, also known as the standard deduction. Homestead credit mounts vary. Continue reading

Knox Voters Encouraged to Tour Elementary School’s Palmer Wing


Voters in California, Center and Washington Townships can get a firsthand look at what advocates say are long overdue and necessary repairs to the Palmer wing at Knox Elementary School this evening. The Whatever it Takes Committee is hosting another open house at the school from 5 until 6 p.m. Problems with the 60-year-old original structure include an antiquated heating and cooling system, a cramped cafeteria that is insufficient to prepare food for the entire student population and a host of other problems. The work will only be done if voters agree to support a property tax during a May 7th special election, for which absentee voting is under way at the Starke County Courthouse. Click to determine how much your property taxes will go up should the referendum pass.

Starke County Property Taxes Due Today

Starke County Treasurer Linda Belork assists a customer over the phone

Property tax statements are due today in the Starke County Treasurer’s Office.

Treasurer Linda Belork stated that the tax deadline was extended to Nov. 13 because the normal tax deadline day, Nov. 10, fell on a Saturday. Also affecting the deadline was the fact that yesterday was Veterans Day and the office was closed, so today is the official deadline for tax payments.

You may take your payment to the office or drop it in the outside drop off box to avoid being delinquent. If you mail in your taxes, make sure it is stamped with today’s date on it or it will be counted delinquent. If you have any questions, call the treasurer’s office at (574) 772-9111.

Fall Property Tax Payments Due Nov. 13

Linda Belork

Those making property tax payments will have until Nov. 13 to pay the fall installment. Starke County Treasurer Linda Belork explains the situation.

“Normally our tax deadline is Nov. 10, but the 10th falls on a Saturday and we’re not open,” explained Belork. “Monday is a Veteran’s Day holiday so the Commissioners have closed the building. So, our normal tax day this year will be Nov. 13.”

There is an outdoor drop box where you can drop off your property tax payments. As long as you have the payment in that box or in the office on or before Nov. 13, you will not be counted as delinquent.

For more questions, call the Starke County Treasurer’s Office at 772-9111.

Property Tax Payments Due Nov. 10

Starke County Treasurer Linda Belork assists a customer over the phone

With the Starke County Treasurer’s Office once again open and ready to receive payments, Treasurer Linda Belork wants to remind Starke County residents that tax payments are due in just over a week.

Though there was some confusion in the treasurer’s office in October when the Starke County Commissioners closed the office after Belork was reinstated to her position, Belork explained that tax payments have been coming in at a steady pace. She said a lot of people have been calling the office to ensure they are, in fact, open, and others have resorted to using the outside night drop as well, allowing taxpayers to make payments on the weekend and after hours.

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Starke County Property Owners Need to File for Property Tax Deductions

Michaelene Houston
Michaelene Houston

Starke County Auditor, Michaelene Houston, reminds property owners that they have until the end of the year to file for property tax deductions.

Deduction applications must be completed and dated by December 31st, 2010 and filed with the Auditor’s office for the taxpayer to receive the eligible deductions on 2011 property tax bills. In addition to meeting all other eligibility requirements for the desired deductions, the applicant for the deduction must own or be buying the property under contract on the date the application is filed in order to receive the deduction.

Specific questions about property tax deduction eligibility should be directed to the County Auditor’s office. Call 772-9101, 772-9102, 772-9103 or 772-9104 for assistance.