Morocco Man Arrested For OVWI in Pulaski County

police badge

A Morocco man was arrested in Pulaski County on Friday after a two-vehicle accident.

Charles Cranmer was reportedly traveling at a high rate of speed when approaching the intersection of U.S. 421 and State Road 14. The officer who was in the area observed Cranmer hit a vehicle in front of him. As the officer pulled over to investigate the scene, he saw Cranmer leave his vehicle and stumble toward the officer. He told the officer that his brakes went out.

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Two Winamac Men Arrested After Threatening Police

Two Winamac residents were arrested after resisting law enforcement and threatening the police on Sunday.

Pulaski County police received a noise complaint at 310 North and 300 West and, when they arrived at the location, several people fled the area. One officer was approached by a man later identified as Mitchel Shidler and began talking to him about what was going on at that location. As the conversation went on, the officer noted in his report that Shidler became a little more agitated. It got to the point where he was reportedly combative and was tased by the officer to get him to comply to the command of putting his hands behind his back. He was taken into custody.

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Plea Hearing Set For Avery Mullins In Pulaski Circuit Court

A plea hearing has been set in Pulaski Circuit Court for Nov. 7 for a former Grovertown resident.

Avery Mullins, who now lists Winamac as his residence, was arrested in May 2011 after Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department officers found Mullins and another suspect in the driveway of a residence whose owner was no longer there. Officers found they had active arrest warrants and took them into custody.

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Bond Reduced For Pulaski County Felon

Pulaski County Courthouse

Bond was reduced for Joshua Thomas Wolfe in Pulaski Circuit Court during a hearing Monday afternoon. His bond was reduced from $50,000 cash to just $12,500 cash. He has pleaded not guilty to a charge of Dealing in Methamphetamine, a Class B Felony.

The court imposed the conditions of bond that Wolfe report weekly to the Pulaski County Probation Department, cooperate with random urine screens as directed by a probation officer and obey a no contact order with a victim in a separate case. Another pretrial conference hearing was scheduled for Oct. 11 at 10:30 a.m. ET in Pulaski Circuit Court.

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Rollover Accident In Pulaski County Injures Two

Two people were injured in a rollover accident in Pulaski County Sunday afternoon.

Orville Shelton of Burnham, Ill. told Pulaski County police that he was driving north on U.S. Highway 421 near the intersection at County Road 1500 West when he lost control of his vehicle on the curve. The vehicle left the roadway and went into a ditch, rolling an unknown number of times before coming to rest.

Shelton and a passenger, Shirley Shelton, were injured but the injuries were non-life threatening. They were transported to Jasper Memorial Hospital for medical treatment.

Ora Man Arrested on Possession Charges

An Ora man was arrested Saturday after a deputy from the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department reportedly found drug paraphernalia in his vehicle during a traffic stop.

The officer found that Thomas L. James was driving at a high rate of speed on U.S. 35 near County Road 600 North. While speaking to James, the deputy saw a piece of drug paraphernalia under the seat. James was detained and the officer retrieved several pieces of drug paraphernalia as well as a bottle containing several prescription medications.

James was arrested on preliminary charges of Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Marijuana less than 30 grams and Possession of Paraphernalia.

Crawfordsville Man Arrested in Pulaski County after Picking Marijuana

A Crawfordsville man was arrested in Pulaski County on Monday, August 20 after police found him picking marijuana near a cornfield.

The Pulaski County deputy was patrolling on State Road 39 near 600 North and found a man, later identified as Joshua Allen, reportedly picking marijuana from a plant in the field. After the officer detained Allen, Allen stated that he was working with a construction crew building a grain bin and was not feeling well. He left to go for a walk and saw a huge marijuana plant growing in the field. He stated that he knew the area was known for its marijuana plants.

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San Pierre Woman Arrested Following Battery Incident

Pulaski County officers were called to a Medaryville residence Saturday night in reference to a fight.

Stacy Conley, 26, of Medaryville told police that she and her sister had gotten into an argument because she would not provide her sister with a clean urine sample for a drug test. Her sister, 25-year-old Kimberly Wireman of San Pierre, reportedly became upset and started screaming at her. Conley stated that her sister was going to borrow her car and when she went out to the vehicle, Wireman was already in the driver’s seat and Conley took the keys out of the ignition. Wireman then reportedly grabbed Conley’s hair and began to hit her while dragging her into the van. Police saw that Conley had been hit in the face. Conley stated that she probably struck Wireman in the face as she was being pulled into the van.

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Two Arrested On Dealing In Methamphetamine Charges Near Medaryville

Two Medaryville men were arrested Wednesday night after Pulaski County police responded to a report of shots fired on County Road 1400 West, a half-mile north of 300 North. The caller told police that a vehicle was on private property without permission, and he believes he heard gunshots fired.

When Medaryville Assistant Police Chief Sheri Gaillard arrived on scene at roughly 9:12 p.m., she says she found the vehicle in question and recognized the subjects inside as James F. Richie, 38 of Medaryville, and Roger L. Frinkel, 31 of Medaryville. An active arrest warrant was out for Richie, and he was consequently arrested.

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One Badly Injured in Semi Vs. SUV Accident in Pulaski County

The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department investigated a two vehicle accident at Highway 421 and State Road 14 shortly before Noon yesterday.

A semi driven by John Kamien of Kansas was traveling south on Highway 421 and came upon a car turning left on State Road 14. The semi truck driver went around the vehicle and ran into a car driven by Wendy Wempler who turned into the path of the semi off of State Road 14. Wempler was severely injured at the scene and was airlifted from the scene to a nearby hospital. The responding officer wasn’t able to get any details from Wempler’s perspective of the accident due to her injuries.

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Medaryville Man Arrested For Leaving Scene of Accident

A Medaryville man was arrested on Sunday after reportedly attempting to leave the scene of an accident.

Chester Elder told Pulaski County police that he was traveling on Maple Street in Medaryville and was stopped in the roadway to turn into a driveway when Darwin Wayberg struck the rear driver’s side of his vehicle. Wayberg then kept driving and Elder followed him. Wayberg pulled into the Family Express station and Elder pulled up behind him and blocked him in his parking spot so he would have to wait for the police department to arrive on scene.

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Medaryville Man Arrested For Alleged Domestic Battery

A Medaryville man was arrested Saturday after an alleged domestic dispute.

Larry Minarik, Jr. reportedly got into an argument with a 26-year-old woman over a cell phone. During the argument, Minarik allegedly pushed the woman down in their home and pressed his hand over and into her mouth and yelled at her to be quiet. The woman told police she couldn’t breathe and struck Minarik in the face to get him to stop. The woman’s eight-year-old son reportedly heard his mother scream.

The woman called her father who then called police. By that time, Minarik left the residence. The officers learned that the woman had filed a protective order against Minarik but it had not yet been served.  Minarik reportedly called the woman later and asked to get some things from the residence and officers were able to come back to the home to arrest him.

Minarik reportedly told police that he put his hands in front of her mouth but did not actually touch her. He said she was screaming for no apparent reason.

Minarik was arrested on a preliminary charge of Domestic Battery with a Minor Present. He was served with the protective order while being booked into the Pulaski County Jail.

Woman Arrested For Allegedly Neglecting Her Autistic Child

A Pulaski County Deputy went above and beyond the call of duty concerning the well-being of an eight-year-old autistic boy who had wandered from home after midnight.

The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department received a call from a driver early Thursday morning who said a boy was walking in between county roads 300 and 400 South on U.S. 421. The officer saw the boy and introduced himself, and the boy told the officer his name and that he was autistic. The boy then continued walking north on U.S. 421. The officer walked beside the boy and attempted to speak to the boy who didn’t reply. In the meantime, dispatch was attempting to get a hold of the child’s mother but wasn’t having any success. A relative was contacted and picked up the child, who was now with the officer north of the West Central schools.

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Work Release Escapee Returned To Jail

After two days fleeing from police, 24-year-old Travis Owens was arrested and returned to the custody of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department. Owen had walked away from his work release assignment at S & S Precast in Winamac on Tuesday, July 10, just a short time after he had reportedly told a coworker that he “couldn’t handle the time anymore” and he was leaving.

Owens had been working at S & S Precast since June 20 as part of a work release program.

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Two Arrested In Pulaski County For Possession, False Informing

Two Pulaski County residents were arrested on Friday after they stopped at a gas station and a Pulaski County officer recognized the passenger as having a warrant out for her arrest.

Two officers followed the vehicle in Medaryville and a traffic stop was initiated on Main Street, west of U.S. 421. Deputy Mat Anderson asked the passenger her name and she gave the name of “Marcie Klemp.” Anderson ran the information and asked her several other questions which she was unable to answer. Deputy Ryan Austin asked the driver, Billy Crowe, who the passenger was and he confirmed her name was Jackie Sizemore.

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Man Arrested For Driving Under Influence of Alcohol, Controlled Substance

After cutting off a police cruiser on State Road 14, Rodney E. Wolford of Winamac was arrested on preliminary charges of Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated Endangering and Operating a Vehicle While under the Influence of a Controlled Substance.

Wolford was allegedly traveling on Keller Street in Winamac when he pulled into the roadway in front of Pulaski County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Austin, forcing him to hit his brakes to avoid striking the vehicle. When the officer pulled up behind Wolford, he reportedly slowed to a stop in the middle of the road for several seconds before finally moving out of the roadway.

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No Fires Reported Over Holiday For Starke, Pulaski Counties

Despite the controversy regarding Pulaski and Starke counties’ recent decisions to rescind their burn bans, no fires were reported on Fourth of July in either county.

The Starke County Sheriff’s Department reports that while they had no fire calls on the holiday, they did receive a number of noise complaints because of the fireworks. Overall, it was a safe Fourth of July for the county. No fires and no serious injuries were reported, and the Starke County fireworks celebration went off without a hitch.

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Two Arrested After Police Find Them Kayaking While Drunk

Two Lake County residents were arrested by Pulaski County Sheriff’s deputies on Tuesday, June 26 after a call came in about a suspicious man in a kayak on the Tippecanoe River.

A man yelled at police for help, and he told them that he was kayaking with his girlfriend and she was ahead of him and disappeared around a bend in the river. When he came around the bend, he saw her kayak up against the river bank and she was nowhere to be found. Pulaski County EMS, Fire, Sheriff’s boats and Indiana Conservation Officers were called to the scene.

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