Pulaski County Proposes Agreement in Preparation for Reynolds-Topeka Work

ReynoldsTopekaESIPLogoPulaski County is looking to protect itself when major infrastructure work starts locally at some point in the future.

On Monday night, the County’s Highway Department approached the Pulaski County Commissioners with a “Road Use” Agreement. The contract is expected to be signed with NIPSCO as work continues on the Reynolds-Topeka Electric Transmission Line.

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State Releases Bicentennial Route Details

Indiana BicentennialThe route is set for this fall’s Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay. The event, patterned after the Olympic torch relay, will start in Corydon on Sept. 9 and travel more than 3,200 miles through all 92 counties. Corydon was chosen as the starting destination as it was Indiana’s original capitol.

More than 2,000 torchbearers will shepherd the flame through the state along a route designed to showcase Indiana’s natural beauty, local interest and historic significance to the state. Each county’s bicentennial committee solicited nominees to carry the torch. That list is being vetted at the state level now. Continue reading

State of Pulaski County Economy Addressed by CDC Director

Pulaski County Economic DevelopmentThe state of the Pulaski County economy is a mixed bag according to CDC Executive Director Nathan Origer.

During Tuesday evening’s Pulaski County Economic Development Summit, Origer gave his State of the Pulaski County Economy Address. In it, he highlighted several of the positive steps the county has taken to build capacity for businesses, and to improve the quality of life within the county.
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Pulaski Frost Law Still Under Consideration for 2016

Pulaski County CourthouseThere has been no action yet, but Pulaski County may be inching closer to the implementation of its own Frost Law.

Discussion was had during Monday night’s meeting about when an ordinance might be completed. Under a frost law, commercial trucking traffic is disallowed from traveling on certain roadways between February and late April. That’s considered when concrete is in a deep thaw and susceptible to potholes.
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