Winamac Park Board Gets to Work on Five-Year Plan

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park
Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

Work is now underway to develop a five-year plan for Winamac’s park and recreation facilities. Katie Bierrum, who’s putting the comprehensive plan together as part of her coursework at Purdue University, discussed the plan with the Winamac Park Board Thursday. As part of the process, she’s gathering information about the park facilities, and is also asking board members what direction they want to see the facilities take in the future. Continue reading

Winamac to Create Park and Recreation Plan with Help of Purdue Student

Winamac Park Board: John Chapman, Chris Schramm, President Courtney Poor, Vice-President Brad Zellers
Winamac Park Board: Jon Chapman, Chris Schramm, President Courtney Poor, Vice-President Brad Zellers

The Winamac Park Board has begun the process of putting together a five-year comprehensive plan for the town’s park and recreation facilities. The plan is required before the town is able to take advantage of some of the additional grant funding opportunities that come with having a park board. Continue reading

Mixed Weather Offers Test for Local Gardeners


Weather so far this spring has been a bit of a rollercoaster in Northern Indiana, presenting a bit of a challenge to area plant enthusiasts.

Warmer temperatures in March, and a wintry mix predicted this week are prompting a few recommendations from Purdue Extension Agricultural Educator Phil Woolery. He says the more a plant has developed, the more likely it is to be affected by colder temperatures.
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Drought Continues To Devastate Local Crops

With reports of farmers throughout Indiana mowing down their crops because of irreparable damage from drought conditions, Purdue Agricultural Economist Chris Hurt says there is a reason for removing the damaged corn entirely. He says that while there is no real positive reason to do so, there are a number of possible reasons to want to have the entire crop removed.

First, he says if there is going to be no usable corn crop – that is, ears and seeds – then there is value to the stock itself for use as cattle feed. Generally, this would be chopped down and placed in silos or bailed.

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Oregon-Davis Graduate Participates in National Cheerleading Competition

Kelsey Minix

Oregon-Davis graduate, Kelsey Minix, recently participated in the National Cheerleading competition at Disney World. She is on the cheer squad at Purdue University. Minix talked about the competition that was held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Center at Disney World.

“The routine is two minutes and 30 seconds long and it can’t be any longer than that,” said Minix. “There’s two different portions of music which is fast-paced and many skills set to it. Every school then does a cheer that you would do at a game. There’s a lot of tumbling, partner stunts, pyramids, basket tosses and so many things packed into two minutes and 30 seconds.”

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Jerry Johnson will Never Forget Playing Against Lew Alcinder in the 1969 NCAA Championship Game

Jerry Johnson guards Lew Alcinder in the 1969 NCAA championship game. Indy Star file photo

“Coach, I just stood by this guy he must be at least 7 feet, 4 inches tall.” That’s what Jerry Johnson said to Head Coach, George King, in the huddle before Purdue met UCLA in the final game of the 1969 NCAA basketball tournament.

Ted Hayes remembers

“I’m 6-10 and he towers over me,” Johnson said.

“Don’t worry about it Jerry,” King replied. “We’re just counting on you to hold him under 33 points.”

Jerry tried and he did pretty well. Kareem Abdul Jabbar, known in those days as Lew Alcinder, only scored 37 against Johnson.

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Jerry Johnson to be Featured on ‘Ted Hayes Remembers’ This Friday

It was on this date in 1969 that UCLA beat Purdue in the final game of the NCAA Basketball Tournament at Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky.

Jerry Johnson of Knox started in that game going up against Lew Alcinder, who eventually became Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

Jerry Johnson will be Ted Hayes’ guest on “Ted Hayes Remembers” this Friday at 12:20 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. CT.

Too bad Jerry won’t be able to cheer, cheer, for old Purdue during the program as the Boilermakers stumbled against VCU Sunday evening.

The 2010 Henry F. Schricker Award Winner is Marvin McLaughlin

Marvin McLaughlin takes a moment to chat with Starke County Commissioner Jennifer Davis

The Starke County Chamber of Commerce announces that this year’s Henry F. Schricker “Service before Self” Award winner is Marvin D. McLaughlin. McLaughlin is well-known to all citizens in Starke County.

Marvin McLaughlin is known to most of us in the County as the “Honorable Judge Marvin McLaughlin” for his many years of service on the Starke County Circuit Court bench.

When Marvin McLaughlin was sworn in as judge, then-retired Governor Schricker said a few words. McLaughlin said this about Henry Schricker.

“Back in the 1950s when he ran for Congress, I worked as a volunteer on his campaign at the Statehouse,” said McLaughlin. “He was a very interesting person and he was very interested in you as an individual and he was a very appreciative person.”

He is a winner of the Sagamore of the Wabash, having been presented the award at his retirement recognition event from the bench in 1992.

Among his proud achievements is having been a 4-H leader.

“For 15 years I was a 4-H leader,” said McLaughlin. “When we first came to the County, that’s when Purdue had changed, saying that the agriculture teachers could no longer be 4-H leaders. In North Judson, we didn’t have a 4-H club. The kids had to go somewhere else. I started the club from scratch.”

Congratulations to Marvin McLaughlin of North Judson who is this year’s Henry F. Schricker Award winner for 2010. He will be feted at a banquet in January at the Knox Community Center.

North Judson-San Pierre Decathlon Team Participates in Local Competition

North Judson-San Pierre Decathlon
Back row: Jacob Kieszkowski, Steven Miller, Lucas Howard and Sarah Green. Middle Row: Allyssa Thompson, Melissa Spears and Jennifer Atkinson. Front Row: Rhiannon Millard and Hope Harlamert

Answering questions about The Great Depression, the North Judson-San Pierre Academic Decathlon Team finished in fifth place in the Northwest Hoosier Academic Conference Decathlon competition at Kankakee Valley High School on Saturday, November 20th. The team finished first in the Oral Super Quiz, Team Super Quiz and Music.

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