Jacksonville Students “Not Surprised” By Shooting

Shane Schumerth

Some students in the Jacksonville, Florida religious school where a shooting occurred this week said they were not surprised with Shane Schumerth’s action. Schumerth, the 28-year-old Spanish teacher who was originally from Culver, opened fire on the headmistress of the school after being relieved of his duties Tuesday.

After being fired, Schumerth returned with an AK-47 assault rifle in a guitar case, according to accounts in the Jacksonville Union Times. After shooting and killing Dale Regan, he turned the gun on himself, committing suicide.

In the newspaper account one student called Schumerth “an awkward man,” saying he did not seem to fit in with the other teachers. Another report by a Jacksonville T.V. station said that Schumerth had been fired earlier by a public school, and was given a “do not hire” status.

Schumerth was a Culver Academy graduate in 2002, whose family still lives in Culver. They have expressed shock and sorrow over the incident. Memorial services were held for Dale Regan yesterday in Jacksonville.

Culver Still Shocked From Jacksonville Shooting

Shane Schumerth

The Culver community is still in shock over the horrific news from Jacksonville, Florida this week. Shane Schumerth, a recently fired teacher from an Episcopal school there, fatally shot the head of the school Tuesday.

Schumerth, a Culver Academy graduate, had been terminated by the school, and after being escorted from the campus returned with an AK-47 weapon and shot Dale Regan before turning the gun on himself.

His father, Steve Schumerth of Culver, expressed in an e-mail to the Jacksonville Times-Union shock and sadness over the shootings and said the family was very sorry this happened.

Schumerth was described by those who knew him as being shy, but non threatening.