Culver Work Session May Extend Sidewalk Snow Removal to Commercial District

culverThe Town of Culver may consider snow removal from the sidewalks of some commercial businesses in the near future.

Business representatives asked the Town to consider implementing the service after it was noticed that the downtown merchants often scoop their sidewalks at different points in the day. The inconsistent snow can obstruct pedestrian traffic.
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Just in Time for Snow Forecast, Indiana Recognizes Winter Weather Preparedness

 Snow is in the forecast for Saturday, and the Indiana Department of Transportation is readying for the change in weather.

The snowfall is being predicted during what Governor Mike Pence declared Winter Weather Preparedness Week. The recognition started on Sunday and lasts through Saturday.

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Pulaski County Tackles Overnight Accumulation


Temperatures dropped overnight in Pulaski County and brought several inches of snowfall with it.

The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department got a bit of a preview for potentially hazardous conditions during this weekend’s accumulation. Pulaski County Sheriff Jeff Richwine says if conditions get bad, they will pair emergency responders with Highway Department vehicles.
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Snow Sticks Around Kankakee Valley


The snow keeps coming!

Snow covered the area again Friday night and Saturday with mixed precipitation falling in specific areas in the region.  Snow will let up Saturday night, but travel on road remains hazardous.  Meteorologists are predicting another round of heavy snow Tuesday night into Wednesday.  We’ll have more information as it develops.

Drive slowly and give snow plow drivers room to work.  If you don’t have to travel, it may be a good idea to stay home.

Snow Keeps State Troopers Busy

State troopers from the Indiana State Police Lowell Post are staying busy as a result of the snow that fell overnight into the early morning hours. They responded to 26 property damage crashes, 7 personal injury crashes, 30 slide off’s and 10 calls to assist motorists. The Lowell district includes Starke, Pulaski, LaPorte, Porter, Lake, Newton and Jasper Counties. Motorists are reminded to travel cautiously, as roads remain wet, snow-covered and slushy. Slow down and allow plenty of stopping distance.


March Madness Snowstorm Socks Kankakee Valley

It’s a whole different kind of March Madness across the Kankakee Valley this morning. Roads are slick and snow-covered after a late season overnight snowstorm. This is making for hazardous travel. If you do have to be out, allow yourself plenty of time to reach your destination, and remember, ice and snow, take it slow. Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, brake early and accelerate slowly. If you see a snow plow, stay back and give it plenty of room to operate. Don’t tailgate or try to pass a plow truck, as the roadway will be clearer behind the plow than in front of it.

You can check road conditions anywhere in the state by visiting or by dialing toll-free 1-800-261-ROAD (7623) for updated Indiana travel information, including road conditions, road closures, construction information and other traffic alerts.

Snow should taper off into flurries by midday, but additional snowfall is expected tonight and into tomorrow before temperatures warm up into the 40s by the middle of the week. Fortunately the snow will not be a factor for schools today, as most school systems within the WKVI listening area are on spring break this week. However, if we receive word of any other weather-related closings or delays we will pass it along on the closings and delays page at as well as on the air and on our Facebook page.


Snow keeps state troopers busy

State troopers throughout the Lowell district, which includes most of the WKVI listening area, were out in force yesterday. Snow started falling around lunchtime and continued into the evening hours. During that time and until 8 this morning they worked 63 property damage crashes and seven personal injury wrecks, none of which were life-threatening. They also responded to 61 slide-offs and numerous assisting motorist calls. Those numbers are for the entire Lowell District, which includes areas north and west of here.

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Snow Storm Blankets Starke County

A snow storm Friday night and early Saturday morning left varying inches of snow in Starke County. Anywhere from three to 11 inches fell depending on where you were in the county. Northeastern Starke County received the heaviest amount of snow, as a band stretched from lower Michigan into Indiana. The Starke County Commissioners issued a Level 2 Travel Advisory for the area and pulled the snow plows at 2:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon and they resumed duties at 5:00 a.m. Sunday morning. The Commissioners have since lifted that Level 2 Travel Advisory.

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From the WKVI Archives

It was on this date in 1999 we were digging out from the snow. Starke County received 18 ½ inches of snow on January 2nd and 3rd.

On this date in 1973, Superintendent Kermit Weddell was reporting that after a lengthy delay, construction on the new $5 million dollar North Judson-San Pierre High School was underway. It would be built to house up to 800 students in grades 9 through 12. Official ground breaking was set for February that year.

Indiana Department of Transportation Ready for Snow this Christmas Holiday

Accumulated snow combined with below average temperatures will ensure that much of Indiana will remain blanketed in white this Christmas holiday. With a chance of winter weather forecast on Christmas Eve, the Indiana Department of Transportation stands ready to plow and treat highways ahead of the holiday traffic. Yellow plow trucks are deployed ahead of predicted winter weather to make state highways as safe as possible, but winter driving safety is a partnership where motorists play an equally important role.

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State Health Officials Offer Tips for Removing Snow Safely

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers uses a snowblower during a January winter storm

Snow can be fun to play in, but removing it can pose a risk to safety. State health officials are urging Hoosiers to exercise caution when shoveling snow, using a snow blower and walking on snow and ice this winter.

Injuries can happen while shoveling snow, including sprains and strains, particularly in the back and shoulders.

The good news is that shoveling snow can actually be good exercise if done correctly. Here are some simple tips that can prevent injury when clearing the way:
* Warm up by stretching and doing a few exercises before shoveling.
* Avoid smoking or eating a large meal before shoveling.
* Dress warmly in layers with a hat. Be sure to cover your neck.
* Wear shoes or boots that have slip-resistant soles to avoid falls.
* Plan before shoveling snow. Shovel heavy snow in stages. Start by skimming off the snow from the top, and then remove the bottom layer. Don’t overload the shovel.
* Avoid a rush and allow enough time to do the work. Follow a slow and steady pace and take frequent breaks to stand up and stretch.
* Watch what you are shoveling/blowing. Don’t let a hat or scarf block your vision. Watch for ice patches and uneven surfaces.
* Use a shovel that’s comfortable for your height and strength. Don’t use a shovel that’s too heavy or too long for you. Space your hands on the tool grip to increase your leverage.
* Push the snow instead of lifting it. If you must lift, do it properly. Squat with your legs apart, knees bent, and back straight. Lift with your legs. Do not bend at the waist.
* Do not throw the snow over your shoulder or to the side as it could stress your back.
* Breathing cold air dehydrates the body, so drink water during breaks.

For more information about winter weather safety, including health tips and helpful links, visit the Indiana State Department of Health website.

Knox Mayor Addresses Snow Removal during Snow Events

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers

Snow plow workers on the state and local level have been working around the clock to make sure highways and local streets are cleared for safe travel.

Knox Mayor, Rick Chambers, has this request for residents when a snow event is forecast, “It would be a big help if you parked your car in one of the parking lots in the downtown area until the crews are done with street.”

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