Starke County Fireworks Net Almost $1000 Profit

The Starke County Fireworks event was a success last week.

According to Knox Mayor Rick Chambers, a profit was made in this year’s event. The fireworks show, hosted by Mad Bomber, was conducted at $7,800 and with other expenses, the total cost came to $8,559. Over $4,000 was donated toward the event, and gate fees totaled $2,437. Two fundraisers brought in a little over $2,500. In all, $9,461 was collected which provided a $902.46 profit for the city.

Mayor Chambers and the Fireworks Committee thanks everyone who was a part of this year’s success and the Mayor said the show will go on in 2013.

Fireworks Tonight At the Starke County Airport

The Starke County Fireworks celebration is tonight at the Starke County Airport! The gates open at 6 p.m. and there is a five dollar charge per carload. The Starke County Fireworks Committee encourages you to get all of your family members and friends together to attend the fireworks celebration.

There will be several vendors on hand to sell food and other goods, the Starke County Amateur Radio Club will have information available on their organization while members provide demonstrations and a remote controlled plane club will be flying model airplanes. Enthusiasts of both organizations will be available to answer any questions.

The fireworks show will begin at dusk.

Fundraising Efforts Pay Off For The Starke County Fireworks

Fundraising efforts for the Starke County fireworks celebration have paid off, as a total of $6499.20 has been raised thus far for the event. Knox Mayor Rick Chambers says the cost of fireworks came out to roughly $7800, and the remaining $1300 is expected to be made up by gate fees.

Donations provided $3696 toward the celebration, and two fundraisers nearly doubled that amount. The port-a-pit chicken fundraiser raised $1533, and the fish fry raised another $1044.50. The remaining $225 came from vendor fees at the airport.

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Starke County Fireworks Are Still A Go

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers has confirmed that the Starke County fireworks celebration on Wednesday, July 4 will take place at the Starke County Airport. Get to the airport early so you can enjoy demonstrations from the Starke County Amateur Radio Club as well as a remote control plane club. Food and souvenirs will be available from several vendors. The gate opens at 6 p.m. and the firework show begins at dusk.

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Starke County Fireworks Display Discussed by Council

Linda Berndt

Even though the Starke County Fireworks display is three and a half months away, Councilwoman Linda Berndt brought her fellow councilmen up to date on the planning.

“I’ve got a couple more ideas, but I want to present them at the fireworks meeting, which we need to make a decision when to have it. June 23, the Nelson’s Port-a-Pit is booked for the fire station on the south end,” said Berndt.

The Porta-pit chicken sale will be in June, but before that is a fish fry at the Knox Moose Lodge on April 20th. Mayor Rick Chambers is also working on the event.

Everyone is encouraged to attend any fundraisers to help defer the cost of fireworks to the county.