Starke County Council Signs Ordinance Setting Next Sheriff’s Salary

 Starke County’s next sheriff will earn an annual base salary of $87,500, which will be paid from the county general fund. State law requires the sheriff to earn at least 60-percent of the prosecuting attorney’s salary, which is set by statute. The new salary takes effect Jan. 1, 2015, which will be the first day of the new sheriff’s term. Incumbent Oscar Cowen can’t seek reelection due to term limits. In addition to the base salary, the new sheriff will also get money from tax warrants.

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Candidate Signs Displayed Several Months Before Primary Election

Next year is looking to be a big election year and some candidates have already post campaign signs looking for your vote in the May 6, 2014 election.

Starke County Clerk stated that the campaign signs can be displayed as long as the proper paperwork has been filed in her office. She said the candidate may campaign using signs or any other kind of advertising use he or she may desire in using to collect favorable votes.

Some signs have been posted around the Starke County Fair for Bill Dulin, Harold Smith and Greg Wireman who have displayed their intentions to run for their party’s nominee for Starke County sheriff in the Primary Election in May.

A Recap of the Top 10 Stories of 2010

Story #10

Tony Kerby Memorial at the Yellow River

Tony Kerby lost his life in the Yellow River attempting to save his younger brother’s life. The good looking boy went in the treacherous waters to save his 8-year-old brother Dominick when the youngster slipped off a rock. Dominick was saved when a person in the park pulled him to safety, but Tony could not swim to the banks.

Community members were so saddened by the death that a cross was put at the site to honor his efforts and his life. The memorial was created by Shelby Clemons of North Judson, his wife, Danielle, and Misty Baldridge of Knox.

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Top 10 Stories of 2010; Story #5

Sheriff Oscar Cowen
Sheriff Oscar Cowen
Bill Dulin

It was the primary election of 2010 and the Starke County Sheriff’s race was one talked about by citizens around the County. Of course, Sheriff’s races always create interest, but this one was different. Deputy Bill Dulin came out early with signs, a sure sign that this was to be a serious effort. Even though Dulin worked hard during the campaign the political pundits game him little hope of upsetting incumbent Oscar Cowen. On Election Day itself, most predicted a sizable win by Cowen.

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