American Red Cross Warns of a Looming Blood Shortage

b100dDuring the summer months, the American Red Cross and other blood banks see a sharp decline in the amount of donors at their blood drives. On average during the summer months, about two fewer donors give blood at each Red Cross drive than what is needed. It if for this reason that the American Red Cross is urging all eligible donors to pitch in an help prevent a blood shortage. Continue reading

High Temperature Tips

summersafetyAfter an exceptionally stormy summer so far, Indiana will receive a blast of hot summer air this weekend. The National Weather Service predicts temperatures will reach at least 90 degrees across most of the state. Combined with high humidity, the heat index in some areas will reach more than 100 degrees. Prolonged exposure to these conditions can lead to heat illnesses like heat exhaustion and heat stroke. You should take all precautionary measures prior to feeling the effects of the heat in order to avoid developing either condition. Continue reading

Summer Safety – Temperatures Inside Cars Can Easily Exceed 100 Degrees

l00kb4ulockDuring the coming months, summer temperatures are expected to soar. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration likes to annually remind care-givers of small children to never leave a child unattended in a vehicle. They report that on a 60 degree day temperatures inside a locked car can get well above 100 degrees very quickly. On hotter days that get up into the 80s and 90s outside, temperatures in a car can be a dangerous 130 to 160 degrees within minutes. These conditions are obviously incredibly dangerous to young children who can potentially die when their bodies temperatures exceed 107 degrees. Heatstroke does not always lead to death but can also cause various other health problems such as permanent brain damage, deafness and the loss of sight.  Continue reading

Mosquito Tips – From Keeping Them Out of Sight to Dealing With Bites, Be Sure You’re Handling it Right

skeetoWhen you consider the phrase “killer creatures” your mind most likely automatically turns to those creepy crawlers and vicious attackers of the animal kingdom such as snakes, sharks and other wild animals. You may be shocked to discover that the world’s deadliest creature is actually an insect. Mosquitoes kill more people world wild than sharks, wolves, lions, elephants, hippopotamuses, crocodiles, dogs, tape and round worms, freshwater snails, assassin bugs, Tsetse flies, snakes and humans combined! After adding together the reported number of fatalities from the animals listed above it came out to 586,220 deaths which is still 138,780 less than the astonishing 725,000 deaths from mosquitoes on a yearly basis. Continue reading

Summer Safety: Water Tips

swimsafelyThere’s no time like the summertime! It’s finally warm enough to go swimming. As you’re breaking out your bikini or swim trunks, take some time to remember certain safety measures to practice when it comes to water. The Red Cross has a number of helpful tips for disaster prevention.

Never leave a child unattended! Even if lifeguards are present, there should be a designated familiar adult easily accessible to the child. Have young or inexperienced swimmers wear a life jacket or some kind of flotation device. Teach children to always ask permission before going near water. Practice the “buddy system” when swimming, even if at a public pool or beach.

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