New Generator to be Installed Soon at Pulaski County Health Department


A generator will soon be installed for use by the Pulaski County Health Department.

The Pulaski County Council members approved an additional appropriation for the purchase in the amount of $3,500 in a prior meeting. It was advertised and approved again on Monday night.

Terri Hansen from the health department approached the council members on Monday where she reported that the generator still hasn’t been installed. The generator has been delivered but it’s in storage at the moment until it can be professionally installed. She expressed her frustration in the delay of the project.

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Pulaski County Council Approves Funding for Health Department Generator

Pulaski County Courthouse
Pulaski County Courthouse

The Pulaski County Council approved the purchase of a generator for the health department.

Terri Hansen had been asking for a generator for the department for several years. After working with county maintenance director Jeff Johnston, Hansen said they are ready to make the purchase.

“Jeff Johnston, I talked with him a couple of times and he said the generator that would run our office is about $2,900. I’m asking for an additional in equipment for $3,500 for the generator and for any cost for the hookup,” said Hansen.

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Pulaski County Health Department Not Soliciting Donations


Officials at the Pulaski County Health Department are warning residents that they are not soliciting donations for cancer research awareness.

Administrator Terri Hansen told WKVI News that some residents have gotten calls from scammers who are announcing that they are from the health department and looking for donations when the department is not making these calls. Hansen said they would not call anyone for such a cause.

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Check for Ticks to Prevent Getting Sick

6-13-14 Ticks picEach year the Centers for Disease Control receives approximately 30,000 reports of Lyme disease in the United States. It is a potentially serious bacterial infection that is transmitted through the bite of certain species of ticks.

According to the State Department of Health, the concentration of ticks will be higher this year due to the long, cold winter. Pulaski County Health Department Director of Environmental Health, Terri Hansen, has a few tips to take into consideration when it comes to keeping ticks off of your pets, your loved ones and yourself this summer season.

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Pulaski County Health Department Asks for a Generator Again


The onset of storm season has brought an ongoing issue for the Pulaski County Health Department back to the forefront.

Director of Environmental Health Terri Hansen says they desperately need a generator in case of a power failure so their $80,000 worth of refrigerated vaccines don’t spoil. The county recently acquired two 400 kHz military surplus generators, but they are not compatible with the building’s existing infrastructure.

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Stay Cool When Attending Events This Week


With a warm week ahead of us and a number of fair events planned, health departments are stepping up efforts to provide hydration and areas to cool off during local fairs. The Pulaski County Health Department will provide misting tents during the Northern Indiana Power from the Past show planned for this week, giving people a chance to cool off and relax out of the sweltering summer heat.

Terri Hansen, office manager at the Pulaski County Health Department, said the misting tents provide visitors with cool water and shade for those who feel overheated and need to cool down.

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Pulaski Council Approves $6000 for Health Dept. Shingles Shots


The shingles vaccine offered by the Pulaski County Health Department is flying off the shelves, and Health Department Manager Terri Hansen requested an appropriation from the county council in the amount of $6000 to continue purchasing the popular vaccine as well as that for hepatitis B. Hansen told the council that they gave their last shingles shot this week, after giving an average of about 10 shots per month to county residents.

“We have been giving a lot of shingles vaccines to people over the age of 50. Most of the local doctors here have been recommending that to their patients, and we have been, I’d say, getting rid of at least 10 shingles vaccines a month – and they’re quite costly. They’re $175 each, and we’re not making money on them, but it is a great community service so we’re amazed at how many people are continuing to call and they’re always on a waiting list for this vaccine,” said Hansen.

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Pulaski County Commissioners Grant Request for Full-Time Health Nurse

Pulaski County Commissioners Tracey Shorter, Kenneth Boswell, Michael Tiede

Terri Hansen of the Pulaski County Health Department informed the Commissioners this week that she has received a letter from the entire health board requesting permission to hire the current part-time nurse as full-time, which would help tremendously with the amount of work they are now required to do. Last week, the Health Department began charging an administrative fee for vaccinations and other shots, and this has been generating roughly $200 per day. With this new income, hiring the employee full-time should not be a problem, especially since the additional cost of the employee would be covered by the Master Tobacco grant money, and the only cost to the county would be to cover her benefits.

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Pulaski County Commissioners Approve New Health Department Fee Schedule

Pulaski County Commissioners Tracey Shorter, Kenneth Boswell, Michael Tiede

A new fee schedule for the Pulaski County Health Department was approved by the County Commissioners on Monday.

“We came to the Commissioners to ask for them to approve a new fee schedule; we are going to now start charging for childhood vaccines an administrative fee of $8 per shot. For people who are on Medicaid, they will not need to pay that at time of services, we will be filing that with Medicaid because we are soon becoming a Medicaid provider,” said Terri Hansen of the Pulaski County Health Department.

Part of the necessity of this fee comes from the Departments’ desire to change one of their part-time nurses to a full-time nurse. Due to new guidelines and programs implemented by the state, a larger portion of the nurse’s time is dedicated to these programs, which means less time to perform other duties.

Hansen hopes that the change in the fee schedule will bring more money into the fund and make it easier to convince the Council and the Commissioners to approve the full-time position. The cost for the full-time nurse would be $37,000. The county already pays $22,000, and a grant would cover the remaining amount. The only money the county would need to come up with would be the money to cover the employee’s benefits, but with the new fee schedule, Hansen feels that shouldn’t be a problem.

Week in Review for December 6th-10th, 2010

Here is just some of the news that made the news in the Kankakee Valley this week.

Diana Jedynak, 67, died of fire related injuries after her home caught fire early Monday morning in Washington Township. Indiana State Fire Marshal, Fred Sumpter, said the investigation into the cause of the fire was postponed due to the weather conditions and the integrity of the structure.

Northwest Indiana Forum, Inc.

The Northwest Indiana Forum’s Board of Directors have voted to acknowldge the organization’s service territory to extend beyond Lake, Porter, LaPorte and Starke Counties to include Newton, Jasper and Pulaski Counties.

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Number of Influenza Cases Down in Starke and Pulaski Counties

Influenza has not been a big scare yet in Starke or Pulaski Counties.

Starke County Health Nurse, Frank Lynch, said that flu numbers are down right now and no cases of H1N1 have been reported. Whooping cough has been a great concern around the state this season but no cases have been reported in Starke County. Lynch would like to remind Starke County residents that flu shots are available at his office, both adult and child doses. He also recommends that residents wash their hands frequently to avoid getting the flu and spreading germs. Call the Health Department at (574) 772-9137 to make an appointment to get your flu shot.

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