Winamac Man Arrested after Public Intoxication Incident, Officer Threatened

Paul Rausch

Officers from the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department arrested Paul Rausch, of Winamac, after he allegedly threatened a police officer, on Sunday.

Officers were called to 1550 S. 50 E. in reference to an intoxicated person. The man, Paul Rausch, was reportedly laying in the parking lot at Poblano’s Restaurant. After talking to witnesses, Rausch had fallen face first onto the pavement prior to the officers’ arrival.

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Power from the Past Enters Second Day

The Power from the Past Show goes into its second day today.

“It’s dedication, it’s interest and people just like this kind of stuff,” said Bob Smith about the Power from the Past show. “People just like really like the old stuff. They’re interested in saving it and showing it. It takes a lot of organization to put on one of these shows and a lot of work.”

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Pulaski County Officers Arrest Winamac Woman on a Heroin Charge

Marla Freeman

Officers from the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department arrested a Winamac woman on Sunday after police reportedly found heroin in her vehicle on a routine traffic stop on State Road 39 near 600 North.

Pulaski County Prosecutor Stacey Mrak told WKVI that when officers questioned 39-year-old Marla Freeman she said she had allegedly bought the drug while she was in Merrillville. She is facing a preliminary charge of Possession of Heroin. Police initially pulled her over after observing a headlight out on the vehicle.

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Winamac Ace Hardware Burglar Arrested

Jeffery Adams

The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and Winamac City Police officers have arrested a suspect in burglary incidents at Ace Hardware in Winamac. According to court documents, Jeffery Adams, 36, of Monon, was arrested on May 27th and has been charged with two counts of Burglary and two counts of Theft.

Adams is suspected to have broken into Ace Hardware on multiple occasions and stole XBox systems, 12 iPod devices, three XBox Kinect systems, two PS3 systems, a Wii game console, and a tool set. The stolen items totaled more than $4,000. Adams allegedly broke into the Ace Hardware on March 19th, March 21st and on May 12th. An anonymous tip led to his arrest.

Stephanie McGovern Recovering after Car Accident in Cass County

Crews work to clear the scene of an accident that claimed the life of a Winamac teen. Photo provided by Kevin Lilly of the Pharos Tribune.

Stephanie McGovern, 16, of Winamac, who was involved in a car accident in Cass County on Monday, December 27th, had a successful jaw surgery and is out of ICU at a Fort Wayne hospital. Doctors have tended to broken ribs, a punctured lung and a punctured kidney that she suffered in the accident. She will soon continue her recovery at home. Stephanie’s parents are Mike and Cheryl McGovern.

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Gas Prices Rise to $3.19 a Gallon

Gas prices spiked ten cents this week when prices hit $3.19 a gallon.

“We’re kind of seeing a little bit of a combination of things when it comes to crude oil prices,” said Don Good of the Good Oil Company in Winamac. “It’s combination of the weak dollar, we’ve kind of talked about that crude oil is valued in dollars, so when we do something in our economy that makes the dollar weaker, like the $900 billion tax relief plan that added to the deficit, that made the dollar fall. Since the dollar is the currency that they value crude in around the world, it makes crude oil more expensive for us and less expensive for other countries. India’s and China’s economies have really picked up. I think they’re running at about a six or eight percent increase compared to where we are struggling. As a matter of fact, China just passed us as being the largest consumer of petroleum in the world. They’re consumption of oil is going up while ours is pretty stagnant. Right now the markets are focusing on their use than ours.”

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News from the Winamac Town Board

Winamac Town Hall

At their recent meeting, the Winamac Town Board members approved the salary ordinances for employees and elected officials. A one-and-a-half percent increase was approved.

Brad Zellers, Wastewater Superintendent, told the Board members that the lack of grass sitting in the streets has made a difference. Earlier this year, the Town Board was concerned about how the clippings were clogging the sewer system, especially during rain events. Zellers said he will be able to determine the true success of that change in the Spring when he and his staff vactor the sewer lines. Zellers reported to the Board that they been repairing several small pumps and will start on building improvements in the remaining portion of the pole building this winter.

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