Clara Belle Troike’s Famous Fruit Cake Arrives at WKVI

Bob Troike presents Clara Belle's famous fruit cake to Ted Hayes

For over 25 years, Clara Belle Troike has provided a delicious fruit cake to the employees of WKVI radio. When Ted Hayes was on the air, he mentioned once that he had never tasted a fruit cake that he liked. Clara Belle put him to the test with one of her fruit cakes, and that turned Ted around forever. Since that time, Ted and the staff have received a delicious holiday fruit cake. We look forward to it every year.

Bob Troike presents the station's fruit cake to Tom Berg

Wednesday, the station’s fruit cake arrived; a big one for the gang and a smaller one for Ted. To answer a question posed by a listener some years ago, “the fruit cake is the virgin kind, with no alcohol added.”

Again, thank you Clara Belle for the fruit cake, and may you have a blessed Christmas.