Commissioners Question Prosecutors Expenditures

Prosecutor Julie Ann Haven and the county commissioners are in a skirmish over money that has been promised from funds out of Starke County Prosecutor Julianne Haven’s office.

The commissioners have held up over $60,000 in claims to find out if the funds can be used for what the prosecutor is using them for. For instance firearms, at least one car, light bars, and some office equipment has been promised to various law enforcement departments.

In a special meeting Friday night, it was discovered that some of the money has already been spent. At least $12,000 has been spent on firearms and ammo.
Hamlet Police Chief Jeremy Patrick, and Deputy Don Ferguson with the Starke County Sheriff’s Department said the firearms cannot be returned as new equipment because they have already taken possession of them.

Appearing before the commissioners Havens said she wasn’t aware that the claims would be finalized before the December 20th. meeting, and may have changed funding sources before that meeting if she had known they were acting upon those claims at this time.