Knox Mayor Addresses Snow Removal during Snow Events

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers

Snow plow workers on the state and local level have been working around the clock to make sure highways and local streets are cleared for safe travel.

Knox Mayor, Rick Chambers, has this request for residents when a snow event is forecast, “It would be a big help if you parked your car in one of the parking lots in the downtown area until the crews are done with street.”

“One of the biggest problems when snow plowing is that trucks throw the snow back into your driveway and it’s usually just as soon as you get done spending a couple of hours clearing your driveway. I apologize in advance for that, but it just can’t be helped,” Mayor Chambers added. “Let’s not forget those sidewalks. Please clear your sidewalks as soon as you can so the school kids, the mail person and the paper boy can safely get through.”