New Starke County Prosecutor Announces His Staff

Nicholas Bourff

The new Starke County Prosecutor will begin his duties in the office January 1st.

“The majority of the staff that is already there will remain there,” explained Nicholas Bourff, Starke County’s newly elected Prosecutor. “I think it’s important to maintain continuity in that office, especially since I’m new at it. The women in the Child Support office have been there for a while, they know that office much, much better than I do and I think it’s important to keep that.”

“As far as the Chief Deputy position, Todd Wallsmith will be my Chief Deputy. I’ve worked with him since I moved back to Knox and as long as I’ve been practicing as an attorney here. He’s a local attorney, he grew up in Knox and I thought that was very important to bring in a Chief Deputy who lives in this community and who knows the people in this community like I do. I think it’s crucial to have a good understanding of how people are here and knowing the issues here. Jeff Williams is the current Deputy Prosecutor and he’ll be staying on board. There’s a part-time Prosecutor who primarily focuses on domestic violence cases, his name is Ryan Bratcher, I’ve talked with him and he is going to be staying on board as well. It will be the four of us.”