North Judson-San Pierre Graduate Doing Well in Marine Corps

Claudia Gheorghiu

When Ted Hayes was told that Pat Dunn was talking with a member of the U.S. Marine Corps in his office this week, Ted naturally thought of the Jarheads his nephew brought home with him when he was in the Corp. Pat asked if Ted might be interested in interviewing his guest, and he said yes, because he’s so impressed with this generation of those who are in uniform now in all branches of the service.

Claudia Gheorghiu is a 2010 North Judson-San Pierre graduate who told Ted she first considered the Air Force, but then felt she needed more of a challenge. According to Claudia, that’s what she got, and more.

“I overcame a lot of fears that I was terrified to do like gas chamber, rappelling off 50 foot towers, I never thought I’d do that kind of stuff,” said Gheorghiu. “It was very cool that I actually did that.”

One thing Claudia knows is that she will be deployed to Afghanistan.

“They said that since I’m a ground unit in communications, they deploy a lot. I’ll most likely be deploying. They prepared us well. I respect my drill instructors very much even though there were times when I wasn’t so fond of them but they taught us well. We’re prepared.”

This is one dedicated girl, who is Semper Fi all the way. She’s planning on making it a career.

“20 years, I think that’s definitely what I want to do,” she said. “I’m so young I think that at 38 you get a pension and you can start a whole new life at 38 so it’s pretty great. The Marine Corps has a lot to offer.”

When you meet someone like Claudia Gheorghiu, you know this generation is up to the military task of protecting our country. Ted enjoyed his interview very much, and he is proud to know such a fine young lady.