Starke County Abate to Hold Christmas Party

Ernie Brewer, Deb Young and Terry Young

The Starke County Abate Organization will make Christmas a little brighter for many families in the county. Club President, Terry Young, says there’s going to be a party.

“It will be at the Bass Lake Golf Course,” said Terry Young. “We have 90 families that will be coming out this year. They were all sent out invitations to come. There are 240 kids and all the families will have a turkey and all kinds of gifts. Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus will also be there.”

Ernie Brewer, who is in charge of collecting items for the boxes, said, “We’re collecting money from the businesses and people who donate. Starke County has done great this year.”

Deb Young explained how the organization gets the names for the gift boxes.

“We get the names from Community Services of Starke County and all three of the school corporations, Oregon-Davis, North Judson-San Pierre and Knox,” she said. “We compile a list of names and double check with Joan Haugh of Community Services to make sure no one else has them so that we can help more throughout the community with other organizations.”

A pat on the back to the Starke County Abate for sponsoring a Christmas party again this year, with gifts, for the less fortunate in the county. Starke County Abate was organized in 1978 and has 290 members.