50 Offenders are Part of Starke County’s Community Corrections Program

Shawn Mattraw

The Community Corrections program in Starke County is providing an alternative for jail time for some prisoners who qualify. Shawn Mattraw, Case Manager, talked with Ted Hayes recently about the programs available.

Ted asked about the number of clients Community Corrections has.

“We currently have 50 under our supervision,” Mattraw replied. “We have been the mid-60s and we were probably in the mid-60s for about two consecutive months.”

Mattraw talked about the success stories over the first year.

“When you sit back and look at somebody when they come into your program and six to nine months later they’re leaving your program and they appear to be rehabilitated, they’ve gotten into treatment, they have a job, they are reintegrated with their family, and they’ve done everything that you’ve asked them to do, it’s good to see.”

Community Corrections could very well play an increased role in monitoring non-violent prisoners in the near future. This could not only help with the jail populations in the Starke County Jail, but at Department of Corrections facilities too.