Hoosiers are Urged to Prepare for Coming Snow Storm

We could see giant piles of snow like this one in some areas in the Kankakee Valley

With accumulating amounts of snow predicted to begin falling this evening, Indiana Department of Homeland Security and Indiana State Police officials are encouraging Hoosiers to prepare by having a few supplies available and consulting the State Travel Advisory Map before venturing onto roadways.

“As with any severe weather event, it’s always a good idea to gather a few essential supplies in case utilities are disrupted,” says IDHS Executive Director Joe Wainscott. “Know where your flashlight and extra batteries are in case of a power outage, and have a 3 day supply of food and water available in case you are unable to leave home for a few days.”

IDHS recommends assembling and maintaining a disaster kit. Ten items to include in your family’s disaster kit are:
1. Food and water for three days (includes three (3) gallons of water per person, per day)
2. Battery operated all hazards radio
3. Flashlight
4. Extra batteries for radio and flashlight
5. First aid kit
6. Extra clothing, sturdy shoes, rain gear, blankets, and personal hygiene items
7. List of emergency phone numbers
8. Important documents (copies of photo ID, social security card, insurance and banking information)
9. Cash (Small bills. Power outages can limit ability to use ATMs and credit cards)
10. Special items (baby formula, insulin, life sustaining medication)

IDHS is also reminding Hoosiers to check the State Travel Advisory Map before hitting the roads tonight or heading out tomorrow morning.

The map is continually updated with travel advisory information as reported by each county. The map is available by clicking here.