Ice Fishing Safety Reminders

Keith Wildeman

Conservation Officer, Keith Wildeman, is in today to discuss ice fishing safety.

“Ice is never safe just because it can always change depending on weather conditions,” said Wildeman. “If we have a heavy snow like we did a few weeks back, the snow acts as an insulator and the ice will not form as quickly or as hard.”

What is the rule of thumb about the thickness of the ice?

“We recommend, for foot travel, a minimum of four inches of good, clear ice,” replied Wildeman. “If you’re going to operate ATVs or snow machines on the ice, five or six inches is recommended and seven or eight inches will support vehicle weight. We don’t recommend that around here.”

“We recommend that if folks go out on the ice, tell someone where you’re going and when they plan to be back. It’s always a good idea to take a buddy in case you do get into trouble. That way, if somebody does fall through they can assist the person in getting out of water.”

Wildeman also said to dress in layers, keep hydrated with water, or warm liquids (no alcohol) and wear a life jacket. The life jacket can help you as a flotation device and warmth.