New Starke County Prosecutor Talks about Upcoming Cases

Nicholas Bourff

Nicholas Bourff is the new Starke County Prosecutor, taking over from Julianne Havens. Ted Hayes sat down with Bourff last week and talked to him about a number of topics. In the interview, Bourff announced his staff including his First Deputy, Todd Wallsmith.

One of the questions Ted asked Bourff was what he will do with cases that are active, been filed by the former prosecutor, but have not been adjudicated.

“Every case is a little bit different,” said Bourff. “I have spoken with Mary Ryan, the Chief Deputy Prosecutor, if she would like to stay on board long enough to finish a few cases that she’s been working on and I would pay her to keep doing that. With some cases, I would probably have to pass some of them off because I have several active cases myself. I’m going to have to have someone else handle those from this point on.”

“With the rest of them, it’s just a matter of sitting down with the files, going through them, talking with the officers, whether it’s the Sheriff’s Department, the Knox City Police Department, and figuring out what the right forward approach is. My philosophies are not always going to be the same as the previous Prosecutor’s philosophies. Some of these cases might be dealt with a little bit differently. It’s simply a matter of sitting down with the files, reading through them and talking with the people I need to talk with.”

We’ll be talking more with Nicholas Bourff throughout the week.