State of the Union Address to Find Democrats and Republicans Sitting ‘Side by Side’

Joe Donnelly
Congressman Joe Donnelly

The President’s State of the Union Message will be presented to a joint session of Congress tomorrow night.

It’s been proposed by THIRD WAY, a moderate political think tank, that members of Congress sit with those of the other party. Democrats and Republicans sitting “side by side”. THIRD WAY thinks it might “restore civility”.

It’s also been offered that choreographed standing and clapping is unbecoming of Congress. If President Obama says something appealing to the Democrats, they all would rise up in unison and cheer. That’s been likened to being comparable to fans at a basketball game.

In his biweekly radio interview with Ted Hayes, Joe Donnelly was asked where he will be sitting tomorrow night.

“At the President’s State of the Union, I have actually sat on the Republican’s side in past years,” stated Congressman Donnelly. “Apparently I was ahead of the trend. I haven’t even thought about that yet. I’ll probably be more than happy to sit on either side. We are blessed to have the Indiana Teacher of the Year from Penn High School to agree to come out and see the State of the Union address. I think if you’re Teacher of the Year, you show all the kind of attributes that we want people to use as an example.”