Wishes Granted for Two Culver Students

The Culver Student Council proudly displays the check that will help grant wishes for two students

Two youngsters were given their wish this week by students at Culver Community High School. The Student Council raised over $10,000 to send the two students to Disney World and Sea World.

“My Student Council has closed their Make-A-Wish Foundation donation fundraiser and they have raised $10,461.79 in five weeks,” said Student Council Sponsor, Tina Stacey.

Chloe Broeker is the Vice Present of the Student Council and talked about how the were able to raise so much money.

“We really got the word out to the community and we’ve had amazing donations from all types of people and really, our school has put together a lot of the money,” explained Broeker.

“We originally pledged to raise $1,000 because we knew that was up from last year and we were more comfortable raising money this year,” said Mark Mays, President of the Student Council. “I’m really proud that we’ve raised well passed our goal.”

Chris Webb is four years old and is in Headstart, while Chloe Hough is eight and is a Culver resident attending Knox Elementary. Chris talked about seeing Mickey Mouse and the “big pool”. Chloe was anxious to meet Winnie the Pooh.