Cost of February Storms in Starke County Nears $81,000

Starke County EMA Director Ted Bombagetti said this week that the total cost during the storms the first week in February was almost $81,000. Almost $7,000 was overtime pay. The rest was in materials and fuel.

On a related topic, County Highway Superintendent Steve Siddall implored the County Commissioners to set up a meeting with the Bass Lake Property Owners Association to explain the right-of-way situation at the lake. Siddall said it’s been about 10 years since residents were notified that the county has 40 to 60 feet of right of way to plow snow. Since that time, many of the property owners have been encroaching on that space to place fences, trinkets, rocks and boulders.

Siddall said a notice might have to be made to these property owners to move these objects back, or the highway crews might have to take the matter into their own hands this summer and move them back to the correct distance.