Eastern Pulaski School Board Accepts Donations to Corporation

Dr. Robert Klitzman
Dr. Robert Klitzman

The Eastern Pulaski School Board accepted a generous donation for the Elementary School. Here is Superintendent Dr. Robert Klitzman:

“Our Star City Lions Club donated a sum of money to help with our Reading is Fundamental (RIF) program,” said Superintendent Dr. Robert Klitzman. “What we do, is we target second grade and with the money provided by the Star City Lions we buy three story books for each student in second grade. Kids are very, very proud to have their own book. They can put their name in it. So, at different intervals through the year, they will receive one of these three books and we thank the Star City Lions Club for helping us with that.”

The Board also accepted a donation for the High School.

“The Class of 1973 donated money for us to purchase an interior digital sign,” continued Dr. Klitzman. “We’ll probably put it near our gym and it will list

activities and announcements and so forth. We appreciate the Class of 1973 for making that donation.”