Knox Man Travels Wrong Way on I-65 and Causes Multi-Car Crashes

Indiana State Police officials closed southbound Interstate 65 near the Winamac exit Tuesday afternoon in order to investigate a series of crashes that involved seven cars, semitrailers and SUVs.

George G. Kallis, 88, of Knox, caused several accidents on the interstate by driving the wrong way about 12:30 p.m. Tuesday. Kallis met several vehicles on the interstate and they all swerved to miss Kallis as he traveled northbound in the southbound lanes in I-65. James Denton of Oak Lawn, Illinois was the only injured driver and he was taken to Jasper County Hospital in Rensselaer with neck and back pains. His car was totaled. He had driven his Jeep between two semis and hit one semi’s drive tandems and diesel fuel tanks. This action caused another semi to rear end his vehicle.

Kallis was not injured but he was taken to the Jasper County Hospital for observation. He was cited for going the wrong way on a one way. Additional charges may be pending.