Knox Middle School Students Assemble for Pie-in-the-Face Event

Cara Gibson (L) and Libby Atkins hold the $602 check.

Knox Middle School students and staff raised $602 for the American Heart Association and as a reward for their efforts, on Monday, February 14th, select students threw pies in the the faces of willing teachers and administrators.

Enjoy these pictures from the fun-filled afternoon at the Middle School!

Sixth grade student, Brendan Howard, sends the pie into Mr. Jones' face
Seventh grade student, Summer Beem, gets Mrs. Flora
Eighth grade student, Elijah Larson, gets Mrs. Radtke
Seventh grade student, Cassidy Miller, gives it to Mr. Miller, the Assistant Principal
Mr. Cronk, the Principal, says John Murphy, a seventh grade student, has been waiting for this moment for a long time!
Mr. Cronk was a good sport!