Knox Snow Removal Budget Stable Despite Heavy Snow Storms

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers

It has snowed a lot this year! We asked Knox Mayor, Rick Chambers, if the City’s snow removal budget is in good shape:

“We’re doing excellent with our budget,” replied Mayor Chambers. “We haven’t had to work a lot of overtime. I think this past weekend was the first weekend that our street crew has actually worked overtime. We ran out of sand and my Street Department Superintendent did find a new supply of sand so we’re in good shape.

Mayor Chambers was asked if the Street Department has had many breakdowns.

“We just had the normal breakdowns. Two weeks ago we had a pump that went bad and it was replaced within a day. A couple of days ago, one of the brackets on the snow plows broke and the Street Superintendent re-welded that. We have fairly new equipment and it’s in good shape so we actually spend more time plowing snow than we do working on equipment.”

The Mayor said that he has received complaints about the Street Department blocking driveways with plowed snow and residents not shoveling sidewalks:

“It just is not possible for our Street Department to go back out and open up each and every driveway and sidewalk. Let’s all do the best we can and take care of our sidewalks and help our neighbors if possible.”

Fortunately, no big snow events are forecast in our area for the rest of the week.