Purdue Cooperative Extension Services Facing Cuts

Alan Kurtz
Alan Kurtz

How much in jeopardy is Extension as we know it in Indiana? Governor Mitch Daniels has proposed deep cuts in spending on state universities, and part of the funding for County Extension Offices comes from Purdue University.

Allen Kurtz, of the local extension offices in Starke and Pulaski Counties, was asked that question recently by Ted Hayes.

“I think we’re optimistic,” replied Kurtz. “We had a good meeting with Mrs. Dembowski last week and had some good discussion about the importance of some of the line items that we have from the State and how they impact our Extension Service, 4-H and the Fair.”

One of the events that the County Extension Offices oversee is the summer County Fair. Does Allen Kurtz see any possible cutbacks there?

“I would not be too concerned right now about impacts immediately on things like the County Fair this summer. We plan to proceed as usual. These budget cuts would not even be in effect until July at the earliest. The Fair will go on and we intend to carry on.”