Starke County Crews Have Difficult Time Removing Snow after Blizzard

If the snow and wind Tuesday night and early yesterday morning weren’t bad enough, now we have bone chilling cold.

Billed as the worst storm in decades, with snow and ice stretching 2,000 miles, the inclement weather is now moving to the northeast where they are worried about where to put the white stuff.

In Starke County, the County road crews were out early yesterday morning but ran into expected and unexpected problems. Here’s how Commission President Dan Bridegroom described the problems to Ted Hayes yesterday morning.

“The biggest problem we ran into, Ted, the snow has about an inch-and-a-half to two inches of hard-packed ice with it. The plows are getting stuck also. With the cars stuck on the roads, the plows will come up to them and then the plows get stuck because of the drifts. What we’ve done is we’ve brought out the road grader with a big V plow on the front of it and we’re trying to break the big drifts with that now and then we’ll come back with the trucks and clean it up.”

Hard-as-rock snow posed a dilemma for those driving snow plows.

“We’ve got every piece of snow equipment that we can get out right now out there,” continued Commissioner Bridegroom. “It is such a hard snow to move. It won’t roll out and the drivers are having to slow down because it’s so hard. If they hit it too fast, it actually pushes their truck sideways.”