Starke County Economic Development Director Discusses EDIT Funds with County Council

Charles Weaver
Charles Weaver

Starke County Economic Development Foundation Director, Charles Weaver, came before the County Council this week. He asked the members to appropriate the money received from the County economic income tax collections and use the funds appropriately.

Over $1.2 million dollars is appropriated for County bridges. Weaver explained why the bridge funds come from economic income taxes.

“One-half of the economic development income tax monies collected goes into bridges,” explained Weaver. This is an agreement that was reached some number of years ago when it was realized that the cumulative rate, which the County had always adopted to maintain bridges, was insufficient to maintain the bridges.”

The amount of collections received for the County’s use in 2011 is $200,000 less than what was received in 2010. Those County Commissioner’s economic funds can be used in conjunction with the Economic Development Foundation. Weaver was asked how the $200,000 revenue reduction would impact things he has on the drawing board.

“The amount that goes to the Economic Development Foundation would be less than what it was last year. We’re stretching it. We’ve got some projects in mind that we need to do and we’re trying to prioritize those as the most fruit comes to bear. When we have a project that is going to create jobs, we’re going to put the money there.”

The County Economic Income Tax is divided one-half for bridges, three-eighths for Starke County Economic Foundation work, and one-eighth for Starke County government.