Video and Audio Communication for Starke County Jail and Courts Approved by Council

I.T. Director Bob Smith

Financing for video and audio communication between the Starke County Jail and County and City courts was approved this week by the Starke County Council.

The County’s share of the $6,000 cost is one-third. The other two-thirds will come out of the Knox City Court, and the Prosecutor’s Pre-Trial Diversion fund.

Starke County I.T. Director, Bob Smith, came before the Council members to explain the set up of the equipment that will be provided by Vermillion Systems of Walkerton.

Councilman David Pearman asked Smith if he had gotten other quotes.

“Yes,” Smith replied. “I know of a few counties that have used it and they’ve been fairly happy with it. I tried to get multiple quotes. I did manage to get this and one other one. The other one was about $15,000 or $20,000 per site.”

Pearman was also interested in what happens with repairs after the first year.

“If you only have one single component fail out of here, it could be handled out of the court’s budget or if need be, use funds out of my maintenance fund,” said Smith.

The equipment is being put in so prisoners will not have to be brought over to the courtroom for some proceedings.