British Broadcasting Corporation Visits Knox

Rajini Vaidyanathan and Ted Hayes

A reporter and cameraman from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) visited Knox on Wednesday, March 9th. The pair were here to record a piece on time, and how it affects people’s lives.

Reporter Rajini Vaidyanathan visited the WKVI studios, where the BBC crew did some filming on how broadcasting to listeners in two time zones often causes confusion.

“The BBC news website is doing a series looking a time zones around the world and how they affect the way people live their lives,” said Vaidyanathan. “I was given the assignment to do the piece from America and how time zones affect life in America. I was looking at what was an interesting way of illustrating that, apart from the fact that there are a number of time zones in the U.S. Indiana came to my attention in the fact that the State struggled with which time zone to be in and Starke County in particular seems to flip-flop between time zones quite regularly so we’ve come here to tell that story.”

The cameraman sets up the camera to record in the WKVI studios

Besides filming at WKVI, the pair when up into the Starke County Courthouse clocktower.

“It was a 144 steps, I believe, all the way to the top” said Vaidyanathan. “Visually, it’s a great backdrop when talking about time, being that it’s a clock tower, so we were very grateful to the people that let us up there. We were talking to Charles Weaver from the Economic Development Board about the changes in the time zone, trying to explain to an International audience how it’s possible to go five minutes up the road and be in a different time zone.”

Ted Hayes and Lenny Dessauer get ready for the 5:00 p.m. news as the cameraman prepares his shot

She was asked when the world will see the finished piece

“This is a special video for the BBC website so it will feature a world map and if you click on the America and the Indiana section, I guess, you will see our video,” she replied. “I believe it’s going to be on on March 24th or 25th.”

Of course we couldn’t let her go without asking if she will be attending the royal wedding this spring.

“I won’t be covering the royal wedding, but I will be back in the U.K. for the royal wedding but I won’t be covering it. It’s probably best to watch it on television.”