Former Knox Resident Living in Japan Not Harmed in Earthquake

Peggy Ikeda

A former Knox resident who has taught in Japan for a number of years is reported to be “safe and sound.” Peggy Ikeda, daughter of Kiyoko and the late Giichi Ikeda, emailed her sister, Dr. Katherine Kamrath, that there was none of the devastation where she lives.

Peggy is a 1969 graduate of Knox High School. She lives and teaches in Kanazawa, Japan, which is on the western side of the island.

As a side bar to this story, Dr. Kamrath reports that her mother, Kiyoko, is in an assisted living complex near her home in Lafayette, California.

Kiyoko (or Kee-oh as she was known to everyone in Knox) was a former Starke County elected official before retiring to the west coast to be near her daughter and family.