Indiana’s Secretary of State Indicted on Seven Charges

Charlie White

Charlie White, who campaigned at a huge Republican rally last summer in Knox, and was subsequently elected as Secretary of State, was indicted on 7 felony counts yesterday. The felony counts include Voter Fraud, Perjury and Theft. He was released from the Hamilton County Jail after being booked and posting a $10,000 bond. If convicted of the felony charges, he would have to give up his office.

Ted Hayes interviewed White when he was here last summer.

“Of all the people I interviewed that day, I was most impressed with Charlie White,” said Ted. “He’s personable, good-looking, and a family man. I told my wife after the interview that I thought that Charlie White would probably be Governor some day. I know that many people believe that we, as news people, live for the scandalous or sensational and maybe there was a day and a time when I was younger that I did. But, I take no joy of anyone stub their toe, be they Democrat or Republican, especially someone with such a bright career ahead of him as he had. Of course, we need to remember that he is innocent until proven guilty.”

When Ted conducted an interview with Charlie White last summer, he was asked what some of the issues were surrounding his candidacy.

“The issues are most involved around the office I’m running for, Indiana Secretary of State,” he replied. “We just successfully defended the Voter ID law. That ruling came out about a month-and-a-half ago and we’re going to continuously enforce that so we can ensure the integrity of elections. We’re also going to continue to vigorously enforce securities law through the Secretary of State’s Office and we’re going to jump on board with the Daniels Administration to do everything we can to help them and Mitch over at the Economic Development Corporation to try and help Hoosiers create jobs because that’s what we’re most concerned about.”

Then Ted asked White about himself.

“I’ve been on the Fishers Town Council now for three terms, we’ve got about 78,000 people. I’m the Republican County Chairman in Hamilton County, I’ve been an attorney in and out of the private and public sector for 16 years and I’ve also been the Assistant Director of the Department of Natural Resources until January.”