Jackie Walorski Announces Her Candidacy for Congress in 2012

Jackie Walorski

Jackie Walorski, who narrowly lost the 2nd District Congressional race to Joe Donnelly in November, has announced her intentions to run in the 2012 race.

“I couldn’t wait to get down here to talk to you and your listeners about it because I think the economy needs to get back on track and the country needs to get back on track,” Walorski told Ted Hayes. “All we’ve heard since January, since this last race, is more spending and more taxing and borrowing. The American people said no. I know we’re the early bird, but I think when you’re talking about an economy that’s heading for a wall I think there is no time to waste.”

Ted asked Walorski about the prospect of the country being drawn into another war in Libya.

“We have no foreign policy, Ted, and that’s one of the problems,” she replied. “There really hasn’t been a whole lot of leadership in this country and as we see the complete meltdown, the complete realignment now of the entire Middle East, and now we’re talking about Libya, I think it’s another symptom of what’s happening in D.C. Well-intentioned people trying to make really good decisions but there is no policy to base it on.”

Bringing Walorski closer to home, we asked the three term veteran of the Indiana House if she was surprised that minority leader Pat Bauer pulled his Democrat representatives out of their seats to Illinois for almost five weeks to force concessions from the Republicans.

“Nothing surprises me about Pat Bauer,” she said. “And that’s spoken from being born and raised as a kid and having shared the St. Joseph County district with him as a legislator. Pat Bauer is a brilliant politician. He really is. I respect him because we have done toe-to-toe on the House floor. Having said that, Hoosiers are tired of the games they’re playing. There’s way too much cost in the State of Indiana to be playing games with something like a balanced budget and to be playing games with tax money. I think it’s an outrage that they’re sitting there for five weeks and Hoosiers have asked them to come back and they’re not willing to do that. If you’re not willing to cast the vote and if you’re not willing to listen to the debate, and do an up-down vote, then you don’t belong in the seats.”