Lisa Owens Appears on ‘Breaking Down the Bars’ Program on OWN

Lisa Owens

America got its first look at Lisa Owens behind bars Tuesday night on the new Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).  Owens was filmed on location at the Rockville Correctional Facility as part of a series entitled “Breaking Down the Bars”.

The episode reviewed the crime that led to her incarceration at Rockville which was the shooting of her husband, Jeff, in their Knox home.  For that crime, she was sentenced to 40 years behind bars, but she is being given an early release after serving just ten years.

Owens talked about an abusive relationship with her husband and how she grew to “hate” him.  The day she shot him eight times in the shower followed, what she called,  another abusive event.

Scenes were shown of Lisa with the dog program she is participating in at Rockville and sessions with a counselor in which she admitted to not being able to release certain emotional feelings that she said are “stuffed deep inside her”.

Also viewed was a scene with her sister who she will live with after she is released from the facility.

Lisa Owen’s description of her husband was disputed by his step-mother, Gail, who was interviewed in her Knox home.  Gail said she never saw the side of Jeff that was described by Lisa.  She said, “If she was so unhappy, why didn’t she just divorce him?”

The program with Lisa Owens will continue next week.  In the next installment, Lisa is confronted by Gail who asks her the question, “Why?”.